Getting ready with a Newborn (an oxymoron?)

The shortest and longest marathon of the day- trying to look and feel like a human being as a new mom.


I’m a brand new first time momma and I am learning a whole hell of a lot and sleeping little. I’ve perfected my one minute getting ready strategy and although I am mourning my ritual of leisurely getting myself beautified, I am grateful to have back a little piece of myself. I didn’t put makeup on or change out of pajamas for the first two weeks, it was needed. But I have to say that I feel a bit more like “Jenna” buying a few nursing clothes with style and figuring out how to get ready for the day with little J fussing by my side.

Step 1: Get little J ready first. Fed, burped, changed, face-washed and in a happy/satisfied mental state.

Step 2: Put little J in the swing and attempt to pacify with the aaaaamazing wubanub.

Step 3: Tinted moisturizer YES- I use Olay Total Effects

Step 4: A little bit of setting powder to mask the sweating I will no doubt do during the day because of hormones, general new-momma stress and attempting to breast feed in public. I use Bare Minerals Foundation Matte in Fairly Light.

Step 5: Blush! To offset the dark circles under my sleep deprived eyes. I use Nars Orgasm.

Step 6: Finish off with curling eyelashes, mascara (I am just using a generic drug store brand at the moment) and a bright lip stick!

* Factor in between 2 minutes and 2 hours to complete this look depending on how often you need to pick up baby, soothe baby, nurse/feed baby, peek on baby to make sure he/she is still breathing, sing to baby, rock baby in the swing and pop the pacifier back into the baby’s mouth.
** It looks like I’m not wearing make-up but believe me, I did NOT wake up like this.
*** Please note, I do love my baby, a lot.IMG_2338
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I’m a temporary vegetarian

Well, I’m 16 weeks pregnant this week and still cannot stomach meat/eggs. At first I was pretty angry about that because eating a ‘paleo/primal’ diet was the basis of how I ate and I knew it was what made me feel good. Eating paleo is how I managed to lose and keep off more than 70 lbs over the past two years; it was manageable and reliable and made me feel like I was doing something good for my body. As an eating disorder survivor, having some sense of control over our diets and bodies can be pretty important for wellness. I quickly realized that I needed to get over this mentality and eat the food, even if that meant that eating a carb-heavy diet for every meal at first. I also realized that despite losing some muscle from not lifting weights, my weight has not changed more than a pound or two, so I guess my body is taking what it needs for the baby and using the rest of the energy.

I also quickly realized that it is really difficult to find tasty, ready to eat vegetarian meals. I really struggled to find anything with vegetables that was easy to heat up! We couldn’t find veggie pizza or lasagna. So I jumped on pinterest and began picking out some recipes for my husband and I to try. And by that… I mean, I found the recipe, prepped the veggies and my husband cooked it. I’m learning 🙂

We made this vegetarian pot pie last night and it was quite the hit. There is something about warm and buttery puff pastry that makes it the perfect addition to a cool and windy fall day. The only thing I would change is that I think I added too many potatoes. I used a bag of small mixed fingerlings instead of three large potatoes so I just eyeballed it. I think if I used less potatoes the roux would have been a bit more liquid-y as it was pretty thick! Overall, filling and hearty and makes 6 large servings!

Here is the link to the recipe: